Sunday, November 15, 2009

Loops for Earrings

I don't usually like making a lot of loops, too time consuming. I designed a pair of earrings to use the etched copper discs I made last year. Been meaning to use them but took a little while to finally sit down and do it. So the final design took me longer than I wanted but I was finally satisfied with the end product. For my first pair of earrings I had four danglies and basically three tiers, with a little bit of ribbon to soften the metal for each earring. I liked them! So I decided to use the same design with 4 more sets of beads: blue, purple, green and another brown/red combo. But what I noticed is that although I don't particularly like making lots of loops, I committed to doing those earrings with so many danglies and didn't think twice or try to reduce the number of beads. For those of you that make jewelry you know that the more danglies, the more loops the more work.
So I sat and made many, many loops: at least 14 a pair. I started to somewhat enjoy it or maybe enjoyed the end results. Could it be that I was focusing on the objective and not the process and that got me through it? I was appreciating the work required to do the loops, the extra work to get the results I desired. Not a profound realization, just something I have to remind myself from time to time. Make the loops, do the work and enjoy the results.

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