Tuesday, December 22, 2009


As I try to blog more, have a better on line presence, I found a great widget that lists your books...on a bookshelf. It was exciting at first to find so many of the books (craft especially) listed and add them. Then as the number grew I realized, probably again, that I have invested heavily in books. For the most part they are technique books with some inspirational books but regardless there are a lot. At $20 - $30 a pop, it really adds up.

I also have a lot of magazines and am currently going back and forth on subscribing to Cloth Paper & Scissors, Belle Amoire Jewelry, and Somerset Studio. There are a few others that I'm considering as well but these are the primary ones. And I know me...I will buy these anyway so why not just subscribe to them??? Maybe I should give myself a deadline to make a decision. Friday perhaps?

Oh and did I mention that I bought two more books on Sunday? I just cant seem to get it totally under control. I guess I will add those to my bookshelf soon...

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